5 Outrageous Foods served at the CNE

The CNE started this weekend and one of its draw is food. Every year the beloved CNE introduces a selection of grease-laden, crazy, culinary delights. This year they have Thanksgiving Waffles, Cocoa Infused Fried Chicken Spicy peanut butter sriracha rolls plus eight other items.

The following list are calorie-loaded foods that have been served at the CNE in the previous years:

1. Deep Fried Butter


Source: Toronto Life

2. Deep Fried Cola

20110817-CNE-23Source: BlogTO

3. The Krispy Kreme Burger

1312312040099_ORIGINALSource: The Toronto Sun

4. The Behemoth

20110828-CNE-Stunt-Eating-0088-Corbin_Smith-640x360Source: Torontoist


5. Sweet Potato Fries with Nutella


Source: Toronto4Kids Blog


I know there are a bunch of others that didn't make it to the list. Was there one you tried? Let me know in the comments section!