A visit to the Curaçao Ostrich Farm

The Curaçao Ostrich Farm is one of the biggest farms outside of Africa. There are approximately 200 adult ostriches on the farm and on average about 200 chicks. Aside from Ostriches, we also saw Emus, Crocodiles, a hog, monkeys, goats, geese and other birds.    

We did the “safari tour”, where we got a tour of the farm in a safari truck. During the tour, we encounter all stages in the life of ostriches from egg to baby ostrich to adult. Our tour guide, Alexander, would stop along the way and tell us interesting facts about Ostriches and the farm.

Aside from being a tourist attraction, the farm also exports ostrich eggs, chicks and meat to South America. We learned about Ecological farming where nothing on the Ostrich farm is wasted. Meat & eggs go to the restaurant, store or fed to the crocodiles.

The farm promotes breeding by pairing a male ostrich with 2 females and placing several fake eggs. Once the female ostriches lay eggs. The staff will take the real eggs to the incubator. Usually half of the eggs show signs of fertilization, the ones that don’t are served at the restaurant.

The highlight of the tour is getting to feed the Ostriches. We were asked to hold a bowl of food over our shoulders and back up to the fence. The Ostriches will then peck ferociously at the bowl – so fun! We also got to stand on a real Ostrich egg. The egg is so strong that it can hold a person’s weight!

For an extra fee, you can ride the Ostrich which we didn’t do (NO WAY I’M GETTING ON AN OSTRICH). Also on the farm is the Zambezi restaurant, where you can try an ostrich steak, burger or even an omelette. We didn’t eat here so we can’t comment on the food.

The Ostrich farm is informative and fun. It doesn’t too long to tour so we paired it with Hato Caves to fill up our day.