My name is Janette, AKA Yummy Food Girl. Okay, I admit, I'm obsessed with food. There is something rewarding about cooking for a loved one. It's also a great way to bond with others - tell me a time where you have sat in silence during a meal with friends or family!

I am a graphic and web designer, and my motto is experience life and learn as much as you can. This blog is about my journey with food including what I'm whipping in the kitchen as well as some of the restaurants I've tried. Learning about other cultures is interesting to me and what better way to do that than to learn about their food?

By maintaining this blog, I get to further develop my cooking and photography skills. Writing is not my strength, so it lets me practice as well.

I share my food pictures on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and my favourite restaurants get a blog post! I'm working on a List of all the restaurants I've eaten at.

I hope you enjoy me sharing my culinary journey with you!
- Janette


PS. Visit www.janettelatour.com where you can check out my portfolio 🙂