Curaçao Liqueur Distillery – Curaçao

A trip to the country of Curaçao isn’t complete without visiting the Curaçao Liqueur Distillery in Willemstad. The distillery is housed in Landhuis Chobolobo, a 19thcentury mansion, and is the only place that produces genuine Blue Curaçao liqueur.

You can take a guided tour or self-explanatory tour. The liquor is made from the dried peel of the laraha citrus fruit, a non-native plant in Curaçao. A copper still from 1896 is still used today for the distilling process. The liqueur is clear when ready but natural food dye is added to give its distinct bright blue colour.

Elements of the laraha tree and fruit are used in the design of the bottle. The bottle has remained the same since the 1940s.

The tour ends with taste samples. You can also sit at the cocktail bar for yummy drinks and visit the gift store if you wish to purchase a bottle to bring home!