Driving in Curaçao as a Ontarian

Our little rental car!

The easiest & cheapest way to explore Curaçao is to rent a car. We rented a car from our hotel for $50US/Day, which seems to be the average rate. Driving in Curaçao for the first time was quite an experience! Here are some driving rules and observations in no particular order:

Driving is on the right side of the road.
Same as Canada!

Road Signs are Dutch/European
Some of the signs are straightforward, but there was a couple of signs I’ve never seen in Canada. These ones we had to look up:

Crossroads with priority
Crossroads with priority
Priority road
Priority road





Roads are generally well maintained.
You may encounter dirt roads in rural areas.

We noticed that local drivers like to tail others.
Just remain speed and keep calm, they will pass you.

Watch out for goats in rural areas!
They usually run across the road in packs! We were told to generally look out for animals, but goats were the only ones we encountered.

Purchasing Gas is different than Canada

  1. Pull up to a pump
  2. Let attendant know which pump you are at and prepay
  3. Pump gas
  4. If you don’t fill up to amount paid, go back to attendant and get change
  5. Drive away feeling like that was really not convenient lol