Gio’s Italian Ristorante – Barrie, ON

Hubby and I went to Gio's Italian Restorante in Barrie, Ontario. We've heard a lot of good things about this restaurant. Gio's is a fancy restaurant known for it's traditional Italian cuisine. We decided to be spontaneous and have the Chef’s Creation Menu, which is a 5 Course Dinner of The Chef’s Creation. FUN! (I apologize for the crappy photos, the sun started to set and it got really dark inside. You can tell how dark it was outside by the 5th course. LOL)

Bread appetizer with a pesto dip.


First Course – Cream of Mushroom Soup. It is probably one of the best Cream of Mushroom soups I’ve ever had, I really liked the presentation as well as the oil drizzled on top.

Second Course – Cured Salmon with fresh greens, capers, and picked onions. This was really good as well, I liked all the textures and different tastes.

Third Course – Vegetable Stew w/ homemade gnocchi. This was a spicy dish, it was okay. Great dish with a lot of different textures.

Fourth Course – Chicken Scallopini – Stuffed with Prosciutto and served with Polenta. By this course, we were also starting to get full. I had half of mine packed up and had it for lunch the next day. It was really good!

Fifth and final course – Dessert – Risotto with coconut, fresh fruit, white chocolate shavings and a homemade biscotti. I’ve never had a dessert like this other than rice pudding. It was interesting!

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