Hot Belly Mama’s – Peterborough, ON

Hubby and I visited my friends in Peterborough earlier this month. I love that Peterborough has a good variety of independently-owned restaurants. A restaurant that I love is Hot Belly Mama's, which is located downtown. They serve Cajun cuisine in a lively atmosphere. There are lots of options to select off on their menu; choose from a great selection of appetizers, unique entrees, sandwiches and even pizza! It is known to get quite busy at times and even though I've only been there twice, the food is delicious and the servers are friendly!

Interior of Hot Belly Mama's

Exterior of Hot Belly Mama's

Part of the Menu


Corn Soup - This chowder was creamy and delicious!

Bayou Boil (Can you believe that this was in the appetizer section?) - I love eating crawfish because it is fun to eat with your hands. The broth was a little bit too sour for my liking but the crawfish and potatoes were perfect. I think perhaps by including a cob of corn, they could turn this into an entree.

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