Review: Korea House Restaurant – Toronto Ontario


We like to have dumplings as an appetizer. This is Goon Man Doo - fried pork and vegetable dumplngs


Side dishes are offered to accompany your meal. I learned that this is called "Banchan". Clockwise from top left: Seasoned Spinich, Sprouts Salad, Spicy Cucumber Salad, Sweetened Potatoes and of course Kim Chee.


House Pork - Thin slices of pork stirred fried with vegetables in a spicy sauce. This portion was huge! Had a lot of meat in it.


Photos of their dishes on the wall. It is useful for learning what the dishes are.


Interior of Korea House


Interior of Korea House

I am known to be extremely bad at making decisions - especially when asked where I want to eat. Now put me in the middle of Korea Town (Bloor/Bathurst area in Toronto) where every other business is a restaurant and Oh Boy! I cannot make up my mind!

After humming and hawing, DH and I chose Korea House Restaurant. I admit that I am not too familiar with Korean cuisine, I know my basics, kalbi and bugolgi and bibambap.. but I couldn't tell you what is "good" or "not good".

However, DH and I did enjoy our meal at this cute, family-owned restaurant. I felt the food was so comforting to eat, like I was eating a good home-cooked meal plus the the staff were friendly!

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