Rio Celeste – Tenorio Volcano National Park, Costa Rica

Rio Celeste is a river located in Tenorio Volcano National Park. In this park, you hike through a primary and secondary rainforest with a good opportunity to see wildlife. This hike along the riverbed will take about 3-5 hours. What makes the river unique is its magnificent turquoise blue water.

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To access the waterfall, you descend a 250-Step staircase to a viewing platform.

An observation deck offers a scenic lookout where you can see two of Tenorio Volcano’s four peaks as well as Cerro Montezuma.

Laguna Azul (Blue Lagoon) is a wide part of the river where blue colour is most intense.

An interesting feature of this hike is the Borbollones. This is where gases escape from the river bottom, resembling boiling water. It has a strong sulfur smell.

Further, in the forest, you’ll eventually reach Los Teñideros. This is where the Celeste River is fed by two colourless rivers, the Buenavista River and Sour Creek. The source of the river’s distinctive turquoise colour is due to a physical phenomenon known as Mie scattering.

This hike is recommended for people in good physical condition as a moderate amount of walking is involved. Sometimes the trail can be muddy. Wear bug spray!