Shete Boka National Park – Curaçao

Shete Boka is a National Park located in the rugged, North West side of Curaçao. Shete Boka means “Seven Inlets” though there are actually more than ten!  Along this 10 KM coastline, large, powerful waves slam against the rocks.

Within the park, you can drive to each of the inlets or if you prefer, take the hiking trails. Each inlet had an observation platform for safety. We decided to hike the west loop trail first.

If you hike counterclockwise, Boka Tabla is the first inlet you encounter. The water crashing through the inlet is impressive itself but to really experience the power of nature, head into to the underground cavern. Inside, there is guarded platform where you can watch the surf roll in.

We hiked a bit more along the coastline until we reached Boka Wandomi. There is a set of stairs to the sandy area of Boka Wandomi. On the opposite side, another set of stairs take you to the top to a viewing platform where you can view a natural bridge that has formed in the rock.

The trail circles back through barren land, where you can take in all the beautiful scenery; the sea and Christoffelpark Mountain.

Once back at the main area for a small break, we proceeded to hike the east trail. We went through some mangroves where it leads to Boka Kalki.

Boka Tabla is known to be the most popular inlet, but for us, Boka Pistol was the highlight. The waves roll into a very narrow inlet, producing a stunning, gunfire-like explosion.

Tips: Bring lots of water if you are hiking. Wear sunscreen, good shoes and hat. It’s very windy. There are washrooms and a small snack bar at the entrance. I made a short video below!