The 10-Day Rejuvenation Cleanse – Vidya Yoga – Part 2 (Days 6-10)

The first five days of the 10-Day Rejuvenation Cleanse went by so quickly! On day 6, we held our cleanse meeting at The Veggie Gourmet. It was great to hear about everyone’s experience and their hurdles. I didn’t feel alone 🙂

Symptoms and Mood (continued..)

Day 6:  Everything just kind of came out today, I felt a little depressed in the evening

Day 7: I feel awesome today! Lighter, not so bloated

Day 8: Feel Awesome! A little bit gassy at night

Day 9: Gassy all day. I looked at my food diary to see what could be the culprit, and I think it was the black beans I ate yesterday and today.

Day 10: Symptoms from previous days starting to ease.


The strict list of cleansing foods really forced me to read labels even closer. The big culprit is sugar – IT.IS.IN.EVERYTHING! Our cleanse booklet had a lot of yummy recipes in it. I learned that a raw vegan diet wasn’t limited to just salads and that there are so many dishes you could make. One night, I made Sweet Potato Salad with Raw Almond Butter Dressing – YUM!

Was the cleanse hard?

Overall, not really. The daily regime is simple as long as you plan ahead. It is best to ease caffeine and sugar before you start the cleanse. I’m lucky that I don’t drink alcohol, but I do like Cola. The hardest part of the cleanse was the social part.  I didn’t want to be that ‘asshole’ who comments on what people eat, but I still had to stick with the regime. I was fortunate that my husband and friends did support me during it. There are options when eating out, you just have to adjust and eliminate items. One night I ordered steamed veggies from a local Chinese restaurant and I sprinkled hemp seeds on top.

I believe I did the best that I could following the cleanse regime and anything I didn’t follow was never intentional. Due to my busy schedule, I did have trouble incorporating the 20 minutes of exercise as well as the 10 minute of meditation but I am working on that!


During the cleanse I’ve enjoyed learning about healthier foods, how to incorporate them into my meal and cooking vegan food.  I was amazed that during the cleanse, I didn’t feel hungry and even now, I rarely become a “food zombie” (My husband calls me this when I become weak and slower at responding when I haven’t eaten yet)  I am more energetic and overall, I feel great! I am looking forward to continuing eating “smarter”.  At the end of the cleanse, most would be excited to go back to their eating habits, however, I really didn’t care. I didn’t want any pop and wanted to continue eating the way I was during the cleanse. I’m reading labels a bit more clearly, opting for organic when necessary.

Note: This post is merely just my experience and symptoms may vary by person. If you have any questions or concerns, please seek the advice of your physician or Vidya Yoga.

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