Yurt Weekend, Jerkabego & County Cider, Big Mike’s BBQ Food Truck – Prince Edward County, Ontario

Prince Edward County (PEC) is an island community about a 2 hour drive east of Toronto. Known for its wineries and as a culinary destination, PEC is popular for a weekend getaway.

We rented a Yurt off Airbnb. It was our first time staying in one and we were pleasantly surprised how cozy and warm it was despite it raining the entire day. Our hosts were so friendly and hospitable. The little details and extras our hosts provided made our stay stress-free. What a wonderful and fun experience!

We had our furkids with us, so dining at a restaurant was not an option. Thankfully there are many food trucks in PEC that we could eat at!

The first one we tried was Big Mike’s BBQ located at Barley Day Brewery. We had the Texan For 2 which included Beef Brisket, pork side ribs, and pulled pork  served with fire baked beans, maple mustard coleslaw, Big Mikes’ BBQ sauce and cornbread. The meat was so tender and juicy and the smoked flavour was excellent! There was definitely more than enough food for the both of us.

We also stopped at County Cider as well. It is located in Waupoos and has an amazing view of Lake Ontario. There is a restaurant but we didn’t try it. Hubs bought some ciders to try at home. There is a fee for the tastings, even if you decide to buy some!

On the way home, We stopped at Jerkabago for their famous Caribbean food. We ordered the Jerk Chicken and Jerk Veggie Platter. The jerk seasoning is the type of hot that builds up but at no point did it overpower the taste at all. Their jerk veggie was made out of soy protein and I really enjoyed it! The texture was similar to a meatball. The coleslaw was crunchy and creamy and the fried plantains were a nice touch with the meals.


Prince Edward County
Big Mike’s BBQ
County Cider

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